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making pest control affordable across south wales

Alpha Pest Control were formed in 1995 and have been protecting the population of Carmarthen ever since with low cost, professional, pest control services, launching Pest Cymru as a fixed price solution to the growing problem of household and commercial pests across the region.

rats & mice

Rats and mice are well known to spread disease, damage property and contaminate food.

Once in your home, they often present a fire hazard by gnawing on electric cabling and can introduce parasites like fleas, lice and ticks that can cause serious illnesses.  Just one pair of rats shed more than a million body hairs every year and can leave 50,000 droppings!  Noise is often the first indication of a rat or mouse infestation... lofts and attics present an ideal environment for rodents, and any tell-tale sounds should be investigated quickly.  » eradicating rats, mice and rodent pests.

wasps & hornets

Queens are generally produced in April or May, to breed and expand colonies throughout the summer, with nests at their largest, and most troublesome, by early August.

Treating a wasp nest can be very dangerous.  Wasps and hornets release a pheromone when threatened... causing all others in the vicinity to become aggressive in defence of their nest and young.

To reduce the risk to you and your family, arrange for a professional Pest Cymru wasp nest treatment.  Our effective solutions will eliminate the wasps and keep you safe from the threat of stings.   » wasp nest removal options and prices.

fleas & insects

Cockroaches are known carriers of Gastro-enteritis, Dysentery... even Salmonella, and exposure to these insects pose a significant health risk.  Cockroaches are tough, breed rapidly, and only professional products are powerful enough to eliminate them at all stages of their lifecycle.

Cat and dog fleas are a common problem in homes with pets, or where previous occupants of a property have kept animals.  Fortunately, human fleas are now much rarer in the UK, but all can be effectively eliminated.

bed bugs

Probably the most personally distressing of pests to discover in your home, bed bugs are becoming an increasingly common problem in South Wales!   » cockroach, flea & bed bug extermination.

cost guides

initial treatment

We believe that it's important to be very clear about charges, so on every information page you will find a clear price guide.

All of our quoted treatment costs are fully inclusive of time and materials, and remind you that a travel charge of £10 will be applied if your property is more than 10 miles from our Llanelli depot.

follow-up visits

Very few pest problems require more than one visit... the exceptions being rodents, if new pests are still able to enter the premises, or certain insects, where a secondary treatment may be necessary to match vulnerable points in their life cycle.

If a follow up visit is needed, this will almost always be at a reduced cost.

free pest identification

act immediately!

Pests are successful largely because of their ability to breed rapidly.  Rats, mice, wasps, cockroaches, fleas and bed bugs all reproduce at an alarming rate, and can become an infestation within weeks, or even days, so contact Pest Cymru without delay if you suspect a problem!

In the case of an infestation of insects, identification is all important, so that we can determine what course of action we need to take to eradicate the problem.

If you are unsure as to what insects you have, we offer a free identification service.  Simply take a picture, send it to us and we can advise you accordingly.