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agriculture, hospitality, food retail, pubs & healthcare

Alpha Pest Control were formed in 1995 and have been serving the catering and hospitality industry across Ammanford, Neath, Carmarthen, Llanelli, Swansea and Port Talbot ever since with proactive, professional and local, pest control services delivered by Pest Cymru.

industry sectors

farming & agriculture

With agriculture forming a staple of the economy across the South West of Wales, Alpha Pest control offer a range of commercial pest control services specifically for farms and farming.

In a move aimed primarily at reducing the risk to non-target species, new rules from the Health & Safety Executive on the purchase and use of rodenticide bait will come into force on the 1st June this year.  This legislation will restrict access to professional FGARs and SGARs for anyone not in posession of certified 'proof of competency' in rodent pest control.

Other than securing a formal qualification, this leaves farmers with two options;  Rely upon one of the much less effective amateur rodenticides with an over the counter purchase limit of 1.5Kg, or to engage the services of qualified, professional pest control experts.

hotels and hospitality

With over years of experience in delivering pest management control solutions for hotels, guest houses, restaurants, takeaways and pubs, our professional pest control services will ensure that your customers enjoy a pest free experience.

Our range of solutions for the hospitality industry protect your reputation by reducing the likelihood of your staff or guests encountering unwanted pests.  Regardless of the size of your premises, or the hospitality sector in which you are active, we can help you to avoid the loss of revenue, long term dammage to your brand and potential litigation.

restaurants, food retail & pubs

Pest Cymru make the process as cost effective as possible, whilst maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and safety.  Most calls are dealt with within 24 hours and we're available to solve your pest problems 7 days a week... with no surcharge for weekend visits!

Whilst we will need full access to your property, we will minimise disruption as much as possible and always operate a strict clean workplace policy.

commercial cost guide

free assessment visit

Because situations vary so widely, we offer a competely free site visit to ascertain the extent of the intervention necessary.

Following a thorough visual inspection, we'll produce a report, complete with a COSH risk assessment, our recommendations for both remedial and long term treatment and a fully costed proposal, including a repeat treatment schedule, if necessary.

Whilst there is no obligation to use Pest Cymru for your pest control needs, if it is possible to solve your problem with a one off treatment we are usually able and happy to carry it out during the Assessment visit.

If in any doubt, call Nick Atkinson on the numbers below for an informal chat.

commercial contracts

The aim of a commercial site Assessment is to determine the best, most cost effective, control and prevention measures necessary for you to comply with legislation in the sector and, of course, protect your business' reputation.

The life cycle of different pests means that scheduled visit are often required to catch them during their most vulnerable periods. are often required tos carried out to inspect the premises

Under an annual service contract, all re-baiting, spraying, trap resets and clean-up or dead pest removal is included.   Every action taken and products used are recorded, the premises re-inspected and, for certain pests, emergency call out visits are free!